Intelligent Physical Security Solutions

Intelligent Lock System

One key, many possiblities. JME Global’s Intelligent Lock System is the most cost effective server rack monitoring system for monitoring of data centre rack access, authorisation and audit. The system is excellent for retrofitting of server rack locks as it does not require wiring. Hence, minimum disruption to data centre operation.
Maintenance is at the minimum as it only requires the change of the battery inside the key. No electrical power is required to drive the lock. In addition, key duplication is not possible because loss or stolen keys can be black listed and be replaced by a new key.
Other applications for the Intelligent Lock System includes Transport and Logistics, Airport, Corporate Offices, Public Utility Facilities and Construction Sites.
Since over 170 lock cylinder designs are available, the system has applications for riser doors and padlocks for water tanks.
Intelligent Lock System Brochure
Smart Padlock & Smart Key System Brochure

Smart Bluetooth Key

With high performance ultra-low power ARM processor, the Bluetooth key communicates with mobile phones and encoders via Bluetooth function to issue key authorization information, collect operation logs, and receive real-time key status data.
The pocket size Bluetooth key has a built-in micro button, which activates the Bluetooth function and can be linked to the mobile application or PC software. The key can be used with various versions of the KMS software.
The system is cloud based. The system can also be set up to be in-premise whereby the encoding and decoding of key transactions will be done via a Bluetooth encoder.
Smart Bluetooth Key and Lock System Brochure

Rack Armor

Rack Armor real time server protection solution from US based Identicard is the intelligent security that tells you WHO and HOW LONG the rack door is open. It restricts and monitor access to server racks at RACK LEVEL. Electronic swing handle with card reader allows dual card reading thus offering 2 FA Authentication if required.
Built-in cameras on the racks record keystrokes of user activity. Robust reports generator provides detailed information of server rack access. The system automatically sends an email alert, sound an alarm or call-up video if server rack is unsecured.
Rack Armor server protection system is powered by Identicard’s PREMYSIS software designed for robust monitoring of access control for data centres.
Rack Armor Brochure